Wicked Rising

Time to be wicked, A devilish grin for all. Watch the magic rise.


Nail it Down

If it hurts going down, I must attest you don't repress. We've got ashes to hide, White lies for the less-than-wise. I'll watch my tongue, Eye the trail. Clear my lungs, And pass the condemning nails. Make sure you seal up my coffin real tight, Because I might want a second wind at a fight.


I like to see my chickens; My babies, my loves. They are interesting creatures. Unbothered by most, But curious of everything.   At the shake of a bag, They come charging. "Worms, worms, worms!" That's what I assume is on their mind. Stomp, stomp, stomp! The little chicken is pecking at my leg now.  ... Continue Reading →

In All Modesty

I like to jump from one thing to another. It keeps me busy, It keeps me sane. It is such a problematic trait though. I just throw, and throw, and throw, Until all my energies are gone; Depleted, defeated, destroyed.   There is a picture that I do not like to see; A future of... Continue Reading →

Honesty Hour 2.0

I cry quite a bit nowadays. If I see an Instagram video of a neglected elderly person or injured animal, I am inconsolable for a solid 4 minutes. The same goes for news articles that pop up on my Flipboard feed. I am bombarded with news, largely coming from distant areas, of young children being... Continue Reading →


I am twenty-one and done. It wasn't a long road, but rest-assured, it was a tedious one. I received my bachelor's of arts in Environmental Studies and Planning at the ripe age of twenty. I set out some career paths a month after graduating. I set achievable fitness goals to better prepare myself for said... Continue Reading →


I'll finish early to find that the world wasn't ready. There are places I want to be, but never alone, you see? I want to do this and that and that again, But I have to do that and this and this again. Stability is a mystery at this stage; It should be outlined on... Continue Reading →

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