To the Superego


The Id is constantly trying to take over.

And our minds are left to endlessly rover.

He wants immediate gratification,

But he lacks the justification.

Paralleling this polar is the Superego’s front.

It weighs in the whole force of the brunt.

He looks at the morals behind every decision;

He aims to win no matter the collision,

The middle ground between the two is where the Ego stands.

He takes in the two with wide open hands.

And then he decides what is best,

While he’s being hard-pressed.

Sometimes gratification is delayed,

But at least some of the tension will pervade.







I’m not in love with any one,
No, I am no sooner in than I am already done.
Emotions with people can be fleeting,
Mainly because some people are constantly needing.
I have a greater love than man though,
It’s with the Lord Jesus Christ, which he graciously bestows.
He empowers me and brings me the happiest of joys.
He is more than I can ever really look for in today’s boys.
One day I know that I will find the one for me,
But will I ever give Him up so the one I love and me will be left be?
Of course not,
Because he will live both in me,
And in him, and further raise our love above any love that we could ever imagine to see.

Revitalizing Mask


You breathe in the mist that lies between me and you.
It’s an intoxicating blue.
You say it revitalizes your spirit,
I doubt that you can so much as get near it.
You’re blind to it’s trail,
Yet you can see it as bright as day.
It taunts you with its inviting impression.
And it leaves you in this sickening depression.
What once gave you life,
Is now sucking it out of you.
I can help you remove this searing knife,
But the price of the blood will thereby be due.
I can remove this mist,
This destructive and deceitful mask.
It grabs at your wrists,
But I will not fail in my task.
The mist will be gone by the end of the night.
I’ll show it the power of truth which cannot be ignored in plain sight.

Love in the Mess


So maybe I’m hurt.
I’m as human as you.
I feel the same pains and I see the same miseries.
But I know how to counter pain.
I know that there is someone out there who truly loves me.
And for that, I cannot help but smile.
He thinks I am perfect,
He thinks that I’m a masterpiece.
He believes in me when I don’t have the energy to do so.
He believes in me when I think I’m lost in a void.
So yes, my pain is temporary.
It’s a pain of truth that you keep hidden under lock and key.
When it comes to the top of the iceberg it makes you stagger back.
But I don’t have to worry about the possibility of falling.
Not when He’s always got my back.
So my smile resumes,
And my happiness starts to bloom.

Her Soul


Her soul is so much nearer to you than to me.
Her tears roll down her face and are as precious as gold.
If I can but cup her face and tell her that she weeps for nothing!
She weeps for a man I do believe.
She weeps for longing and for foolishness.
She falls victim to his faults on a daily basis.
Oh, but if only she knew that she deserved much better than this.
The angels beg her to leave with her glory,
But she remains only to be hurt again.
Her soul is his now.
She forfeited everything to be with the one whose eyes are made of green.
She holds tightly to honor,
But in him, she finds none.
Everyone cries for her to leave.
Leave the man who’s swallowed up in his own destitution.
But she chooses to remain.
She believes he will change.
Change does happen,
But only in those that seek it.

I’m Saying No


I am strong,
Stronger than I thought.
I’m standing aside from your wrong.
I will not let my mind be bought.
There’s no price for this soul.
It is mine and quite honestly, you’re rather dull.

I am saying no.
No to waiting.
No to reaping what you yourself sow.
I’m done debating.
My answer is no, no, no.
I don’t want to wait any longer.
And I’m pretty sure you’re no better than a fish monger.

I’ve said it before,
But this time it’s for sure.
I am turning my back,
And leaving your track.

Everyday Hero


This is my first entry that isn’t a poem.

I didn’t really think I would write things besides poems but today’s event was too awe-inspiring not to write.

So today me and my friends were on our way to get some food a good ways down from where we live. We bused it over there and on that bus ride we saw a snippet of reason to have hope in humanity again. There was this man who was obviously very aggressive and hostile who came onto the bus. He went towards the back where I was sitting with my friends. He pushed another teen for absolutely no reason and without the right. He said the kid had to learn some manners when it came to adults. He shoved the kid hard with anger seething behind his intent. The guy sitting down left and the horrid man sat down. This brave nurse fellow then told the man how his actions were wrong and that he had no reason to be acting in such a way to people, especially kids. The angry man kept yelling and yelling about how the previous buses skipped his stop so it was somehow everyone else’s fault why he was in such an awful mood. He said some words that shouldn’t be repeated and some threats that could leave him facing some pretty big jail time. He threatened to stab the man, bang his head against some objects, and to beat him until, well… its better left unsaid. He grew even more hostile and claimed the man had no business talking to him about his actions since they didn’t concern him. He himself was a hypocrite. The nurse man who my friend said was named Jake then called either the cops or the bus operator to report the man while carrying his mace in his other hand in case the man tried to come at him. Jake wasn’t trying to start anything but he stood his ground. That man should not have been on the streets and much less, that bus. After Jake got a hold of what I believe to be the cops, the angry man went on yelling about how he was going to smash his head in if they ever get to him. It wasn’t a pretty thing to be mixed up in. It was only me, my two friends (minus the one who awkwardly left midway), Jake, and this one guy sitting in the back after the kid moved seats. A lady up ahead kept giving Jake signals to just drop it, but he did not. He spoke his mind and made the right move. He called for the police because that man was a danger to both himself and others. After the man realized that he had both mace ad the cops on the line he left. After he left Jake talked to me and my friends about how crazy that man was. I had to admit that I was honestly scared. Jake stepped up and alleviated that fear. That’s something that I didn’t think people really did nowadays. He was such a nice and funny guy. He needs to be recognized as a hero. Yes, he might not have saved us all from a burning building but he didn’t speak out against an injustice and tried to stop it. That’s more than I can say for the bus driver. He either didn’t see or hear it (which would be surprising), or he just didn’t want to get mixed up in it all. Hats off to you Jake. I’m sorry for all the awful threats, racist slurs, and horrible backlash you received from that man. You inspired something strong within me and my friends. You inspired hope in the greater good within people that for years had been rather reclusive to us. Thanks again. 

-That one girl who experienced the ordeal with you with my friends.