Copycat, Copycat I Do Profess!


She’s stolen a part of me.
How villainous and deprecating… she continues on!
Oh how it surely does sting like that of the wrath of a bee.
Does she not know any boundary to stop upon?

She tears me piece by piece.
It’s too much for one fragile heart to bear!
Will it ever cease?
She has taken my thoughts and essence and claim them as her own.
Oh, and the way she goes about doing it… her very air…
This form of deceit cannot be condoned.

She’s a cheater; a liar!
She is a copycat by choice.
But if only she would retire…
She lacks originally and a voice.
I loaned her mine,
And she drank it like wine.

Now she has left me used and of no solid form.
So I shall try to withstand this sinful storm.

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