Her Soul


Her soul is so much nearer to you than to me.
Her tears roll down her face and are as precious as gold.
If I can but cup her face and tell her that she weeps for nothing!
She weeps for a man I do believe.
She weeps for longing and for foolishness.
She falls victim to his faults on a daily basis.
Oh, but if only she knew that she deserved much better than this.
The angels beg her to leave with her glory,
But she remains only to be hurt again.
Her soul is his now.
She forfeited everything to be with the one whose eyes are made of green.
She holds tightly to honor,
But in him, she finds none.
Everyone cries for her to leave.
Leave the man who’s swallowed up in his own destitution.
But she chooses to remain.
She believes he will change.
Change does happen,
But only in those that seek it.

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