Revitalizing Mask


You breathe in the mist that lies between me and you.
It’s an intoxicating blue.
You say it revitalizes your spirit,
I doubt that you can so much as get near it.
You’re blind to it’s trail,
Yet you can see it as bright as day.
It taunts you with its inviting impression.
And it leaves you in this sickening depression.
What once gave you life,
Is now sucking it out of you.
I can help you remove this searing knife,
But the price of the blood will thereby be due.
I can remove this mist,
This destructive and deceitful mask.
It grabs at your wrists,
But I will not fail in my task.
The mist will be gone by the end of the night.
I’ll show it the power of truth which cannot be ignored in plain sight.


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