There are daisies in this bunch.
And all of these feelings are just a hunch.
Pink mixes with the blue,
And it’s a color that I never knew.
It’s new to me in so many ways,
And u try and I try,
To follow in its sway.
Some look down at me and ask the heart-clenching question.
So I sit them down to discuss my confession.
I am but a part of a bigger meaning.
One in which I’m constantly leaning,
Leaning on my sole support.
They stare at me in disbelief.
They try to distort.
I’m basing it all on blind faith, they say.
I am indeed, and I follow my path even if my body is telling me to stray.
My heart is the one that leads me.
And this soul knows what should be.
I am blind in the light,
But my eyes are open to the world’s plight.
It’s spiraling down at a rate I can’t comprehend,
And the signs are everyhwere,
You just need to descend from the pedestal you’ve placed yourself on.
And humble yourself right now and forever beyond.

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