Her Page in the Book of Life, the Story of Annabelle


I want to tell you a story,

About a girl who many thought would be a major quarry.

She faced struggles from all sorts of platforms.

This was to be expected though, they said.

She didn’t necessarily fit in with a society that points daggers at those who don’t conform.

She was but a needle at the end of a desperately twirling thread.

She was ridiculed in school,

People laughed in compliance for the sake of looking cool.

She wasn’t at the academic level as her peers in class,

So a handful of girls took it upon themselves to point it out with sass.

Annabelle was the sweetest of girls though,

And people took notice of this.

Some saw her as defective,

But those that knew her closely knew she was nothing less than absolute bliss.

People came,

And people judged,

But she had her eyes on a much bigger game.

Annabelle held herself high,

While she aimed for the sky.

Surprises mounted by her senior year in high school.

By senior year, she accomplished much more than others expected.

She grasped her life by the reins with definite rule.

There were so many lives that she had positively affected.

Mother cried tears of joy watching her blossom into a mature young lady.

She was nominated prom queen by the request of her graduating class.

Annabelle was taken aback with overwhelming feelings of love and joy.

She happily took the crown with applause from the gathering mass.

Annabelle exceeded in life.

She knew where she wanted to go, and she had her game plan.

She carried herself with much strife,

And she never inched towards her goals when she could of easily ran.

But this story must come to an end,

Because it would be wrong to say it has a happy ending.

No, not when there wasn’t even a beginning since it’s all pretend.

For Annabelle, there was no hope of the possibility of ascending.

You see, Annabelle had Down’s Syndrome,

And her Mother calculated the possible pains she would have been subjected to if she took a breath on this earth.

So after visiting the doctor following a CVS and a quick check of the baby’s heart rhythm,

She decided that she would spare the baby a regretful birth.

She thought of the jokes, the stares, the judgments, the struggles.

She thought there was no possibility of happiness for her here,

So she thought why make her go through such ungodly troubles.

But what she didn’t take into account was the possibility that she could live a life so joyous that it should have been illegal.

No, so the future she would of had left the Book of Life, to forever disappear.

Annabelle couldn’t write to us today about how monumental her life had become,

Because her life was a quill pen dipped in the ink of Life that was never brought from cartridge to thumb.


Winning for Titles


We like the same thing,

And it means way more to us than just a fling.

We take it from the heart,

And we’ve been connected to it from the start.

The thing is that I cannot let myself fall for the same medicine,

Because we both can’t be in that altered state.

It will be damaging to the soul,

And my mind just can’t find the disconnect.

I gave it up with ease.

Yet now I wish I reached and I seized.

It hurts to think that I am the one who showed my cards first,

But it all seemed good-spirited, well rehearsed.

We didn’t take it’s feelings into account,

But I can see from past revelations that I’ve been down their same road.

Now regret surmounts,

And this heart has suddenly slowed.



Let me run and let me hide,

Let me say that I tried.

Because everyone is laughing at me,

And I really only want to be left be.

Place your hands above my grave,

Etch in that I was brave.

People will come to defame my name,

But please put them all to shame.

I was all that a man could be.

I couldn’t save them all.

I got lost in the sea,

And I fell to its lustrous call.