There is a Difference


There’s a difference between you and I.
I’m willing to go as far as I can, past the sky.
You are afraid of taking chances;
Switching stances.
If you can’t go through life embracing change,
Then you’ll always stay within society’s range.
I’ll lend you a hand,
Teach you to stand,
And maybe then you’ll break it’s band.
On you of course.
But it has to be freely, surely not by force.


Honest With Yourself


She looks at him and sees a possibility.
He looks at her and sees his future.
He loves her,
But she’s unsure,
Whether she’s on the same boat,
Or trying hard to float.

She can’t get by like this.
Love is love,
There’s only hit or miss.
And he won’t nudge her nor shove.

If it’s not in her heart,
Then she’s only looking for what’s good right now.
If it’s all he knew from the start,
Then maybe he should retract his vow.

He’ll Be, She’ll See


He shut me down.
Put on a frown.
Said I didn’t deserve what I had.
I swear he was mad.
I never hurt him, no.
Never loved him, oh.
But we got along just fine,
Maybe that’s where I dropped the line.