I Keep Going


I sit here amazed;
I’m breathing!
How my heart keeps on pumping is all but a mystery to me.
They took away my life,
Piece by piece until only the ventilator was functioning.
When that plug hit the ground,
This heart lost all reason to live.
“She’s dead, she’s dead…”
“Oh how my life is certainly over,”
I did cry.
She was my heart, my breath, my purpose in this life.
I breathed to please her;
I smiled to charm her;
I laughed to enchant her.
She was the one I called my whole.
Without her, I am nothing.
But Nothing has it’s grip on my pulse.
Nothing is what makes the blood in my veins warm.
I want to rid myself of Nothing but it seems to find a way of preserving my hold on life.


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