The Letdown


Does she not feel?
Because emotions seem lost to her.
Can she not heal,
The wounds of her friend which she surely fails to cure.

They can talk for hours on end,
Talking of past pains and views,
But she makes no effort to blend;
To share and renew,
That bond she discards,
That she trivalizes all the while,
The one she unguards,
As being boring and vile.

She might not be as human as we,
But she claims to feel like me.
She might not be as open as you,
But she says she’s amounted her due.
So maybe she is no friend at all,
Or maybe she’s afraid to call,
What it is she wants,
What it is she needs.
She needs a companion of her own,
But she knows nothing of emotion and friendship; like a stone,
For its not in her nature nor her zone,
To know how to be there for others when they need her the most.


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