“Everybody Dies”


Everybody dies.

That piece of knowledge doesn’t make me wise,

It just makes me more aware than half the crowd.

You know, those who keep their heads in the clouds.


I wish I was ignorant,

Blind from this instant.

I’d rather live thinking I’d live forever here on,

But if I do then that surely makes me a villain too quick to con.


And I am too moral to be the antagonist,

Too fearful to play the protagonist.

I am not all that I had wanted to be,

But that’s alright with me.


I can’t do everything that I want to do,

Be everything I want to be,

But I can sleep peacefully knowing that though I have taken too much to chew,

No expectations can be placed to a higher degree.


Everybody dies,

And someday I will die too.

I won’t waste my time making repeated tries,

To try to swallow all that I will chew.


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