The Name’s the Game


I counted a dozen,
But the number can be so much higher.
Maybe it was or maybe it wasn’t;
Don’t you dare call me the liar.

I’ll call it what it is,
In front of all,
So they will see,
Just what has been a part of me.

It goes by many names.
Names so numerous, that they are better left forgotten.
It’s all organized to fit into this given set of games.
There is no victor there,
And there never will be.
The losers are those who begin to care;
That come to feel, rather than listlessly see.

You could say that I’ve lost the game.
You can also accurately say that my senses have gone lame.
Oh, but the names;
Yes, they mean something beyond just words.
They are beyond reason, into the great absurd.

These names trespass into uncharted lands.
And I have seen them, held them in my very hands.


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