New Eyes


My mind expanded.
And what I see isn’t what used to be.
New concepts scream, attention is demanded.
I deliver to all, pressing no fee.

I can’t look at it the way I used to.
I can’t put on the eyes I once relied on.
Those eyes are broken in comparison to the new.
Broken they are, and forever they’ll be gone.

I won’t apologize for this.
My mind and body are content.
It’s not a hit and miss;
It was never my intent.

I believe in a God.
I believe in good character.
I believe in myself,
But I won’t put my faith where no credit is due.

Lines were drawn,
And I’m still learning how to read.
These lines formed words,
And though foreign they are,
They are all I need.

My new eyes see all,
Yet they are more blind than they have ever been before.
I’m ready to answer the call,
Whenever there is the final knock on my door.


A Road to Diverge


I’m very confused.
I feel as though I was offered a ride,
But two roads would diverge,
Both attractive,
Yet equally uncertain.

I’ve always kept on my own path;
Followed the customs;
Stayed inside the lines.
But a ride sounds adventurous.
A ride sounds novel.

So maybe I will take up this offer;
Maybe I’ll see how it goes.
And when I must choose between these two roads,
I hope I’ll pick the better of the bodes.

I want to chance upon the merrier of the tracks.
I will go after that of which I have so greatly lack.

The Great Collision — A Sonnet


Let us talk about the great collision.
How it broke me down and built me back up.
Between the heart and mind grew division,
Distance resting it’s weight on a chipped cup;
Ready to break any given second.
The mind frantically clasped the parts tightly,
Trying to secure itself, I reckon.
But there was no chance, not even slightly.
The heart tore down freshly paved barriers.
It unclenched the hands the mind supported.
As a disease, the heart’s the carriers.
With little hold left, the mind extorted.
Down crashed the small chipped cup I knew too well.
Into the thousands, the pieces did count.
Reason and logic so silently fell.
The heart likewise died with no place to mount.
The collision cost me all I esteemed.
If but only this was all simply dreamed.


Music video maybe?

There are so many songs out there to choose from! You can’t go wrong with a Pearl Jam song, but I’d hate to make anything less than spectacular for them. Or maybe a song that many people don’t know, like by Midnight Hour or 10 Years. (Although 10 Years should be a household name). Summer is the time to film and write scripts and edit. Let’s see which ideas we grab onto, and which we can reasonably carry out!

-A.S. Becka

As Good as Done


I think I gave you too many chances,

To prove to me that you’re something that you’re not.

So I will move on;

Seek once-dormant romances.

Loves that need not to be sought.

Yes, I will be gone.

I think I held on to a hope,

That I knew would never be met.

Time has passed us by dear one.

And it is passed the season to cope.

No longer will I fret.

Because your absence has made it as good as done.

I know what I am writing,

And I’m afraid that it will hurt.

But what is necessary of the heart and mind,

Isn’t at ends, with bouts of fighting.

I’ll stand tall and never revert;

Never again will our fates be twined.

Afraid Yet Open


She’ll open her legs
Faster than she would open her heart.
Bolted shut,
She keeps it locked.

We’re all pawns and pegs,
As sharp as a dart,
So ready to cut,
Yet easily knocked.

She uses us scarcely.
She’s afraid to let go.
Yet runs from love fiercely,
Afraid that we’d know.

Love to her is all physical.
The spirit, the soul,
It’s just something to extol.
She wants none,
Seeks little.
Does what’s fun,
And leaves in the middle.