The Great Collision — A Sonnet


Let us talk about the great collision.
How it broke me down and built me back up.
Between the heart and mind grew division,
Distance resting it’s weight on a chipped cup;
Ready to break any given second.
The mind frantically clasped the parts tightly,
Trying to secure itself, I reckon.
But there was no chance, not even slightly.
The heart tore down freshly paved barriers.
It unclenched the hands the mind supported.
As a disease, the heart’s the carriers.
With little hold left, the mind extorted.
Down crashed the small chipped cup I knew too well.
Into the thousands, the pieces did count.
Reason and logic so silently fell.
The heart likewise died with no place to mount.
The collision cost me all I esteemed.
If but only this was all simply dreamed.

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