Journal #1- Heart or Brain


Topic: Usually do you listen to your heart or to your brain?

  I typically listen to my brain. I feel as though I always have, even when I probably shouldn’t have. It’s more rational to follow my brain because my brain weighs the pros and the cons. My brain doesn’t take emotions or spur of the moments into account. It acts outside of that realm, and it thrives off of logic.

  It is something I can easily say I also regret. I feel like there may be secret happiness I have missed out on because of it. Trying to be responsible all the time because my brain demands it can be stressing and taxing. I look back at some people in my life that I’ve come to know rather well who operate the exact opposite way than me. They live in the moment and they see where it takes them. And sometimes that place seems like such a nice place.

     I don’t always follow the path my brain leads me down though. The Lord knows where my heart has led me in the past. Some of my greatest adventures started off from me following my heart. Some of my biggest fears have likewise been from the heart.

   I liked a guy once but I never actually told him. My heart said go for it while my brain said ‘where do you think this will pan out?’ And I knew the answer to that; not well. At least, that is what I told myself. I never took that risk though so I can’t say for certain. Maybe my brain weighed the fear of rejection against the possibility of sparks. Through reflection, would I have told him a year ago? Yes. I’d of probably regretting it since he seemed beyond my reach, but I’d of told him if I could do it all again.

     My brain has saved me from a load of hurt too. It’s saved me from having to constantly push myself. It has supplied me with enough motivation to last me a lifetime when it comes to my academics. It’s helped me align my focus to where it needs to be.

    I don’t know if there is a perfect balance between the brain and the heart. If there is, I haven’t quite found it yet. I have time though. And though there are past events that could have greatly shaped my present for the better had I gone with the opposite of choice, I know that there are probably just as many ways things could have gone horribly wrong too. Besides, I’m at a good place right now.



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