Journal #2- Paradigm Shift


Topic: Did you experience a paradigm shift?

      Yes. I can readily say that I have experienced such a thing following my first year away at college. My entire world didn’t turn upside down, but large portions of what I thought I understood became more mysterious to me than I could have ever imagined them to be.

The two classes that really shaped my current, and changed, outlook were my Jewish Studies class and my Philosophy class. My professor for my Jewish studies class was phenomenal; he pushed you when you didn’t want to be pushed. I learned about a new culture, and I learned about true ethics. The rabbinic teachings we evaluated also played a major role in my paradigm shift.

My Philosophy class centered in on logic and the God debate. Now, I came into that class a Christian and I left so much the same. The way I view my beliefs has changed. Also, what I believe within Christianity has changed. I believe in a God and I believe He is Just. But I don’t believe we can in any way, shape, or form fully comprehend what He wants or He sees because we ourselves are not Supernatural. Things along those lines were what really got me to have a change in perspective.


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