Journal #3- Half Empty


Topic: Is the cup half empty or half full for you?

    I’m not a pessimist by nature, but my cup is half empty. When I look into a well I don’t say that this given well is half full. I say it’s half empty. Things run dry, and things run out.

 Now, I don’t think my livelihood is half gone; far from it indeed. But I’m also not at my half-way checkpoint either. If anything, I’m a quarter way full.

But we’re not talking about my life here. We’re discussing the matter of the cup. The cup can represent so many things, but that doesn’t necessarily define my outlook on everything either. If I ask you to pick between blue or red, I don’t assume you’re a saint because you chose blue. I assume you like the color blue more than you like the color red. And it’s a reasonable assumption too. Does that mean I like to have my cup half empty? Of course not. It means that I notice when something is lacking thereof, and I account for all that’s missing.

If you charged me for a smoothie and gave it to me filled halfway, I’d be visibly upset. I’d say “sir, this is half empty, how dare you charge me the full price.” I suppose this is just how my mind works.

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