Hello, Hello & Farewell, Goodbye


Hello, hello.

It’s time to press rewind.

Look back at all the times,

That I,

Let myself get carried away.

I let hope fly on an angel’s wing;

Watched it get swept up, away.

And though I put time in it’s place,

I came back so much the same.

Hello, goodbye.

I remember when I,

Used to wait for that knock,

Upon my door,

Which, furthermore,

Has gone silent.

I’ve fallen off of that blessed angel’s wing.

And I’ve felt the sting,

Of hitting the bottom,

Where the nothingness reigns.

So now I’ll say farewell, goodbye.

I’ve come to my,


And I don’t wish to wait much longer.

So I’ll go left or right,

Just never behind.

Never to look back,

Not when so much lays ahead,

That I have yet to explore.


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