Journal #4- Social Media & Me


Topic: How often do you use social networks?

    Lots, actually. I’m not on my phone constantly, but when I grab my phone in the morning the first thing I look at are my new messages, emails, and notifications on Instagram and Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter and YouTube.

      Throughout the day I’ll spend quite a bit of time on my phone if I’m not out and about doing something. I’ll read the news or I’ll write a poem. It’s always something along those lines. Also, if I’m idly standing by waiting to head out somewhere or to simply leave, I’ll definitely be reading hockey news on my Flipboard.

As for Facebook, I don’t necessarily utilize it as much as I particularly glance at it. Most of my notifications on Facebook are from certain family members or friends. The occasional walk-down-memory-lane happens when an old friend tries to reconnect. Besides that though Facebook is more of a thing from the past for me.

And then there’s Instagram and Snapchat. I used to use Instagram all the time, but now it’s kind of on the back-burner. Snapchat seems like a better forum to me if I want to show a handful of friends something. I remember I used to say I’d never get a Snapchat, but then my friend Pedro begged me to get one so we could send snaps to each other after he moved back to Brazil. Yes, technically I’m a sellout, but it was for a good reason!

With Twitter, I send out tweets whenever I feel like I should. Sometimes they’re frequent, and sometimes they’ll rarely appear. My YouTube account with my friend Olivia is surely going through a long-sustained drought. Will there be a chance of rain anytime soon? Fingers-crossed there is.

Social media doesn’t own my life. But it does keep me connected to my loved ones and to current news. It also keeps me connected to my writing, and to others from all over the world who read what I write. And I love that! I love the feedback I occasionally get back, and I love to see what people like to read.


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