Prayers to that Above


Hands interlocked,

The sky a mellow blue,

She closes her eyes to say her overused prayer,

Hoping that it will be answered.

She knows that it’s a selfish wish;

A frame-less picture.

But still she pleads as though a bargain can be struck.

She confesses the lot to make room for what she sought.

She thinks that this time will be different.

She hopes that it is true.

She pines for happiness she’s too cowardly to collect,

And so she prays for it to come.

Silence presumes,

And she closes her eyes tighter.

Maybe the tighter they are the more likely it will come,

But surely her hands grow numb.

Defeated, she reclines.

Slouches down onto the floor,

She apologizes for asking.

She knows that she was selfish.

She craves what she cannot obtain,

And so she prays to a higher power,

With hopes that He will listen and be generous.

But if she only could just see,

What He had in store for thee.

Maybe then she would pray for others like you and me.


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