Journal #42 – Memorable Moments


Topic: Which are the most memorable moments from your past?

I feel like this too closely resembles one of my first topics, so I’ll choose the five most memorable moments of the summer.

The first one would probably have to be when I went to a night event with two given people. It was great, it was new, and it was totally outside of my comfort zone. I had an awesome time, and so many memories were made.

The second one would have to be when I had a sleepover with some of the best girls that I know. I went to high school with these three girls, and it was definitely a night that I will always remember. We go to catch up and spend some quality girl time. Plus, we all dressed up for a nice dinner. That’s always a fun thing to do.

The third one would be when I went to Santa Monica at night with a good old friend. We didn’t spend the whole day together, but it was nice to feel so carefree. We kind of went with the flow. I want to do that again some day.

The fourth one was when me and a handful of my friends had a bonfire. We all got together at night around the fire, talking and just having a good time all around. Memories were made, and I couldn’t have asked for better friends. I love all my friends, so I absolutely love to have small meetups like that. It’s nice to have everyone together now that we are all in college. And most of us go to different colleges.

The fifth one is the most recent of them all. But likewise, the only one that will be kept to myself. Honesty Hour means so much to me, but lines are drawn between where I stand with others and where I stand with myself. As open as I may be, some memories are best kept free of taint.

*Honorable mentions: Visiting the botanical garden, seeing Geethu again, going to Burbank with the crew, going to Atwater with Olive, and going to the 90s party with Deepti and Georgette.

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