Journal #46 – Laughing out loud


Topic: When was the last time you laughed out loud?

I mean if we’re talking about in natural conversation, then yesterday. I laugh quite a bit. I even laugh at things that others probably don’t find funny too. I’m not talking about laughing at sadistic things, but jokes that should best be kept on paper.

              If we’re talking about after reading something online, in a paper, or in a message then I would likewise have to say last night. I actually still have the messages so I can attach it to this blog. It will be but a glimpse of how I text for all of you who care to read it. It seems slightly weird to post it, but at least I can physically show my reasons.

             Most of the time when I write these blog posts, I can’t help but feel as though a majority of what I say flies over everyone’s heads. Not because of the intellect behind the writing, but because 95% of you don’t know me personally. So, most of the stories or accounts that I reference to can be quite allusive or confusing. 20150725_235918

             I want to be open and honest in what I write, but there is that divide that lies between a writer and their readers, a YouTuber and their subscribers, a Instagram-star and their followers. Maybe that divide will find a way to close itself. For the time being though, all I can do is continue writing with the hope that someone gets it. You know, understand why I write, and yearn to connect in the same way.


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