Journal #51 – Years From Now


Topic: Where do you want to be in 5, 10, 20 or 40 years?
      5 Years: Hopefully done with college (if I go for a Master’s). And I will probably be in Brazil right out of college to visit a friend.
         10 Years: Hopefully married or in a long-term committed relationship. And hopefully I’ll have the career that I’ve always wantee, that’s both fulfilling and meaningful.
         20 Years: By then I would have already decided if I want to have kids or not, so if I do then I’d have one kid, and if I don’t then I would be childless. I will hopefully have a house and still be in contact with my old friends. I’m not too sure what I imagine for myself that far ahead in the future, but I hope that it’s everything that I will ever want.
            40 Years: I will probably still be working. I can’t really picture what 40-years-from-now Rebecca will be doing. Maybe I’ll be taking it easy, or maybe I’ll be focused on family. Time will tell.


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