Journal #62 – How Things Have Changed


Topic: What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

I think the one thing that has surprised the most in my life has been how my perception of things has constantly changed. I mean, for a long period of time I held the same perspective on a number of topics and ideals, but it’s weird to comprehend that some things aren’t what they appear to be. Furthermore, there are a lot of situations that can be seen through varying eyes.

For awhile I looked on at the world with the same pair of eyes. I didn’t even notice the collection of dust that slowly filled up the lens. I think that’s when I realized how blurry things are.

My new ones though, they’re enlightening yet the focus is still a bit of a problem.

I just wonder how my next pair will be, and if I’ll come to have them soon enough. For all I know, the tables can turn again.


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