Journal #73- When I’m in Pain


Topic: When I’m in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing I can do for myself is…

Give myself time. Lots of time. I have to put everything else on hold and learn how to breathe. That’s something a lot of us forget to do, so we’re just left there holding our breaths or always trying to catch it after it leaves.

I put my deadlines and my thoughts on hold, and go wherever the white lines take me. Sometimes I’m walking, sometimes I’m running, other times I’m biking, but most of the time I’m dreaming.

If I’m in physical pain I’ll take the time to heal or wait for the pain to dissipate. When I’m in emotional pain, I have to give myself space from whatever the trigger is. I’ll eventually come back to the target when my mind had time to let itself go, but never anytime before. Dangerous things happen when you try to work through the pain.

That’s a solid tip I’d give to anyone. Give yourself time even when you feel like there’s no time to be spared. You’re body, state, and mind will thank you later on. It helps keep us all from turning black and blue.

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