When I Reach the Sun


I want to be happy too,
Gotta put me before you.

I’ll show you what I was meant to do,
Let me come up,
Rattle that bed.

I want to feel the sunrise on me face,
I want to know that this is my place.

Where did my happiness go?
Did you take it when I went out that door?
I’m setting down the sun,
Learning what it means to run,
Far above and then down below.

Don’t try to catch me with both hands,
Cause I’m slipping through these lands,
Trying to find myself in the cracks.

That’s where my happiness lies.
No point to deny,
That I need to reach the sun.
I’ll turn my gracious walk into a greedy run.

Let me be selfish for once.


Paper Trails


I look all around,
But nothing is sound.
I got a paper heart for the needy,
And a paper crane for the hopeless.
Give me your pains,
They’ll fly away.
Learn how to cry,
It’ll be alright.

Less is More


What’s home sweet home to the homeless?
A mother’s love to the motherless?
A daddy’s princess to the fatherless?
If less is more,
Then we’ve excluded groups of people behind the second door
The thing is,
We keep that second door shut.
Don’t see, don’t worry about the key.
Keep it closed.
No questions posed.
Believe that less is more.

Big Impressions


I heard her die last night.
Her hope fled first,
And her passion soon after.

She was standing tall,
But in the face of adversary, she came crumbling down.
The impression she left rattled us all.
Another, fallen,
One less flower to receive it’s pollen;
One less speaker to answer the calling.

I watched a human die on the inside,
And it was a terrifying thing to watch.

The light escaped her eyes,
These exuberant propositions now heavy-weighted sighs.
I’m standing here naked,
In her now missing shadow.
I want to be as tall as her,
But I don’t want to fall like her.



I gave you my water and my streams,

And you put it into plastic.

You had your own drives and dreams;

I didn’t think you’d be so drastic.

Profit makes a man.

Profit breaks a man.

I ran downhill,

Trying to outrun this greed,

But you wanted me to bleed.

So now I’m running dry,

And now you can see red.

I’m choking on your green,

And I wish I had fled.

Faster and faster,

Faster than my currents will allow.

A resource recently mastered,

Don’t think my rights were by God, endowed.