He’s the one I turn to about these sort of things.
He hears me talk and examine,
Tossing my horseshoes onto the rings.
Leaves me axioms to imagine.

He watches me miss,
And tells me to try again.
He knows I don’t grasp this,
And so we muddle through this new domain.

But what if he’s gone?
My friend that I hold so dear.
His opinions no longer drawn,
I’ll be left in constant fear.

I didn’t think our friendship would grow like it did.
Confounded us all, as it spewed out the lid.

The day we leave,
Will be a day of much sorrow.
Now is not the time to grieve,
Not when we have tomorrow.

This semester brought us nearer,
And I’m glad that we’re friends.
You help me see things clearer,
When I need to make amends.


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