My Poetry, My Story


I want my poetry to have meaning;

I want these crowds endlessly gleaning,

All that these poems will hold.

They are meant for you,

As much as they are meant for me.

We all just need to learn what there is to see.

I want to move nations,

But I first have to shake my very core.

We all need solid foundations,

And I think my pillars are founded on four.

Truth is essential;

Truth is what I seek.

Grace is a necessity.

It doesn’t label the strong from the weak.

Morality is the savior;

The golden hills from which we peak.

Lastly, there is understanding.

It is the one whose waters never run bleak.

We can’t grasp all four of these as victors and saints.

To hold but one paints all sorts of constraints.

To have one can be to lose another.

To have none is to lose yourself.

I want to tell you my story,

But I have to first tell you why it matters.

And that will take time;

That will take years.

I’ll be here, writing,

Gathering more ears.


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