Let me praise that walk,

Engage in that talk;

Join your secret group.

I heard the same call,

Yet you pressed me against a wall,

Calling me a fraud.

Watch yourself there.

When I’m not there, question where.

My ideas will follow me,

Just you wait and see.


In Your Head


I’ll watch the clock,

Pray for that little hand to strike twelve.

I want to get out of this frame;

Into the next.

Stop calling this a game.

It’s life.

You got to get out of your head.



You stepped right on my compass.
I don’t know my east or west.
Don’t know what’s right or wrong.
Maybe it’s for the best.

I knew the cardinal four,
When my mind was over my shoulders.
But now it’s on the floor,
Under all these fucking boulders.

I’ll keep it there.
My compass needed tweaking anyway.
It’s not like with all this weight I bear,
Is wearing me down;
It’s building me higher.

I’ll draw my own lines.
I’ll name my south and north.
I don’t need to wait for signs.
No, I’ll make my own from this day forth.

Saving Grace


I found myself crying on the bus,
Wanting to protect them;
Wanting to shield them.

I want them to feel loved,
And I need to believe in a just cause,
But where the justice runs dry,
I’m left there wanting to cry.

I’ve built this ideal into my frame of self.
It’s what I’ve always thrived for.
It’s why I keep my palms bare, asking for more.

I’ll protect the ones who can’t protect themselves.
I thought people were the only ones in need of saving,
But there’s an open road in need of paving.
Let me lay my concrete down;
Let me close those cracks in the ground.



Figured I’d take a break tonight,
Close the blinds,
Sleep, goodnight.
Remember that I’m still awake inside,
We all just need a little rest;
Some time to unwind.