HH Journal 9 -Let’s Not


Topic: Evaluate the present.

Let’s not.

I’d have to evaluate why I haven’t done an Honesty Hour in the past three or four days, and I’d have to answer for my decisions.

I haven’t done an Honesty Hour because I’ve been so incredibly busy with my coursework. I can see the light over the mountains of pages of reading I have, so it’s a good sign. But I have a month left so it’s full speed ahead until I get to move passed that mountain. I’ve had a good reason for not writing, but is any reason a good reason when it’s Honesty Hour? That, I’m not entirely sure.

I agreed to go out there and try new things, like any adventurous college student. It should be fun to explore new places, you know? I’ll get to know some people along the way. So I won’t stand up straight and try to ramble off my reasons for why I do what I do. I’m not that person anymore. I don’t know where she went, but something told me she scurried away when she found the chance to run. I won’t try to find her right now; I’m too preoccupied with school for that.

I’m excited for the future, nonchalant about the present, stressed about my work, but confident that I’ll make it out just fine. So presently, I’m decently decent. I’ll let the stress just slide off in the near future, and I won’t try to stop it. Good things are coming. That’s what I can gather from the present.


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