HH Journal 10 -Put into a Daze


Topic: Open conversation.


“I need you to know, friend,

My mind was in a daze.

I hope that we can make amends;

I’m sorry it went wrongful ways. “

You mean a lot to me, and its progressively mounting. I never thought I’d be the one on the other side of the line, but I am. I want to paint over the line and act like it was never there. I also want to kick some dirt over it, hiding it. That’s not me though. I saw that line, and then I was one step ahead of it. Three steps behind.

My head was a jumble of everything. I was here, but somehow there. I closed my eyes and I swear I could see you. It’s funny how our minds work. I wish mine was ahead of the game. It gradually turned into the game. I couldn’t escape the game, and I couldn’t win it. There are no winners or losers here this time my friend. There is only the daze that follows. Questions are posed, and I can’t answer them.

“Put into a daze,

I’ll make my way out.

I know without a doubt,

That there are prices to pay,

But I’ll pay in cash.

I’ll land in debt.

I’ll feel the brunt of that lash,

But I won’t let you go and fret.”




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