The Old Crew


Me and you,
Running as our own crew.
That used to be the dream,
Now it’s just a memory.
Tell me where I dropped the ball,
I’ll go back,
And find it all.
But maybe there’s nothing left there to find.
I’ve been wasting so much of my time,
Trying to fix our bind;
It was never of heart and mind.
So I’ll say that I went back,
And tried my hardest,
But everything was painted black,
Nothing left to harness.




Raise the volume up;

Chant the words you know so well.

Anthem of my youth.

Emptying the Closet


I emptied out my closet,

And I was amazed by what I found,

More amazed than I probably sound.

But its the things that I didn’t find,

That left me worried.


Going out of my mind.

I thought I buried it,

But I guess I never let it form;

Too afraid to watch that storm.

Come and wreck me.

But in the end,

That peace went missing,

And now I can’t ascend.


I need to just let it out,

So I guess I have to let it in.

I’ve opened my door,

Now rush right in.

Destroy my room,

Be the storm that marks my doom.


I’m not here to start a fight.

I want my closure;

Now give me peace.

Let those possibilities die and cease.


So I’ll clean out my closet just one more time.

I’ll clear my mind,

There’s nothing in that darkness when the light finally shines.




Yeah, I’m talking.
I’m widening my circle too.
I gave up that plan of insecurely stalking.
My time’s divided.
Some days, I’ll deny it,
But let me play on the ground.
Let me run with the big kids.
Wipe down the throne,
Because I’m ready to be crowned in.
We’re playing for high bids,
So give me all or nothing,
A little of something,
Is too little,
Best better believe.
You’re best still might not be good enough for me.



Slayin’ when I’m playin’

Because nothing is stable when my pillars start swayin’

They were the only things I was taught to rely upon.

So when the ground started rumbling,

I had to teach myself how to go on,

Relying on myself to not go down tumbling.

No, I was forced to learn to stand tall.

So don’t ask me why I’m playing this game in a city full of wanna-be-winners.

I’m climbing high over this pile of questioning sinners.

They made me, yes,

But I built myself to where I want to be.

I won’t be anything less,

Than that vision I hold of me.