I’ll finish early to find that the world wasn’t ready.

There are places I want to be, but never alone, you see?

I want to do this and that and that again,

But I have to do that and this and this again.

Stability is a mystery at this stage;

It should be outlined on my degree.

“Passionate, but little guarantee.”

“Self-willed, but too soon to gauge.”

Sign me up!

Make me king.




I don’t stream down the aisles much.

There’s too much to see,

Too little well spent.

You can hear the clang between forgotten cents.


Get dazed by the colors;

The labels emphasizing uncertainties left and right.

“It’s the best ever dared tasted!”

I’m sure it is all wasted.


I’ll drag myself to the counter,

Re-evaluate my life choices.

What’s brought me here, to this moment,

To believe that what’s in my cart are necessities,

And what I left no more than vanities.


Consumption is king.

Re-purposing, it’s suppressed brother.

If that is the king,

Then call me an anarchist.

It is a life far less glamorous.

Running It


I’m in it for the long run.
You can dip, but don’t get sad now.
I said I’d be true,
Run for me and for you.
I just want to do what’s best,
Start with the west,
Make it my dream and my quest.
I won’t stop cause of hate.
I won’t just leave; dissipate.
This is my home and you know,
That we’re already late.
This change should have come long ago.
Time time to dwell,
Or let go.
It’s now or never;
Let’s go.
I’m going full speed ahead.
So if you leave me for dead,
I’ll keep going, alone,
Rock-steady, with a microphone.

HH Journal 3 – To Save the World


Topic: free-flowing.
I don’t want to save the world, I want the world to save me. Chances are though, we all need a little bit of saving.
Some nations need saving from the demise of a political entity. Other landscapes need saving from degradation, among other things. Species need saving. Ideals need saving. The question as to who should be doing the saving, and why we need a savior to begin with, comes to mind.
Now, I’m not talking about a religious savior, and I’m not talking about a surge in beliefs. I’m talking about hands-on rescuing from an otherwise likely demise.
Things come and things go. I don’t want to save the world because it’s a feat too impossible for me to confront. It is also a task that I’m not knowledgeable to undertake. No one truly is.
I want to save threatened and endangered animals, and I want to save a justice system. I want to save myself along the way, as I want to save the world for future generations.
There’s so much saving that needs to happen, and I feel like we all tend to look at a handful of certain tasks to focus on. I don’t think it’s wrong. I just wish the world didn’t need this saving to begin with.
That’s such a loaded thing to want. And to be honest, I don’t know how such a world would look like.
I want to help save this world with my time and my energy and my concepts, but I know that I’ll need much more than myself to do that. Ignorance to one’s limits can be a dreadful thing. Empower yourself and know that earth can only be pushed so far, and that it will require a cooperative effort to make necessary changes worldwide.

HH Daily Journal 1 – Greed


Topic: On the subject of greed.
Yesterday in my environment history class we were going over the topic of greed. It’s a topic I haven’t used in one of my essays. I feel like I can’t form a strong position on the topic. Were the Native Americans as greedy as the white settlers when it came to the destruction of the bison? Were settlers moving west greedy for wanting more land for their children? Were the individual farmers greedy for producing far more wheat then they should have in order to keep up with the decline in the economy? Are we greedy for wanting a higher income if what we’re making is enough to get by?
Who decides on the distinction between greedy and want? Is greed synonymous to profit?
Too many questions, too little time.
Someone define greed as wanting more than you need. I don’t know where my definition lies, but I think we throw the word around too often.
We can look at the past through one given perspective and claim that they were greedy, but what of the other dozen perspectives? What of theirs? Who is telling the story, and why does their story matter? This is why I can’t form an argument for or against greed. I’m still working on my definition.