Interlock Shock


My mind hasn’t gone down that road in quite a long time.

At first there was curiosity,

But then there was honest to God fear.

I’m on my own path as it is,

And it’s definitely the one I want to be on.
But there are times I recall the old road;

There is no interlock between these two nodes.

Sometimes I worry about its maintenance and care,

But something tells me these are thoughts I can’t share.


HH Daily Journal 1 – Greed


Topic: On the subject of greed.
Yesterday in my environment history class we were going over the topic of greed. It’s a topic I haven’t used in one of my essays. I feel like I can’t form a strong position on the topic. Were the Native Americans as greedy as the white settlers when it came to the destruction of the bison? Were settlers moving west greedy for wanting more land for their children? Were the individual farmers greedy for producing far more wheat then they should have in order to keep up with the decline in the economy? Are we greedy for wanting a higher income if what we’re making is enough to get by?
Who decides on the distinction between greedy and want? Is greed synonymous to profit?
Too many questions, too little time.
Someone define greed as wanting more than you need. I don’t know where my definition lies, but I think we throw the word around too often.
We can look at the past through one given perspective and claim that they were greedy, but what of the other dozen perspectives? What of theirs? Who is telling the story, and why does their story matter? This is why I can’t form an argument for or against greed. I’m still working on my definition.

Journal #14- Love, Love, Love


Topic: How many times have you fallen in love?
Zero. None. Never.
        It’s not that I’m incapable of loving someone, I just haven’t loved someone in such a profound way where I can say that I have been in love. Atleast, not the kind of love one has with a partner.
I’ve liked a lot of guys, but I’ve never loved any of them.
      I’m sure love will come in the time ahead, but love just isn’t in the air right now. Love takes time, commitment, and honesty. I can take on two of those, but I’m not too sure I have the time. There’s always the summer. And yet summer romances seem somewhat sad to me. You know that they’re going to inevitably end unless you can make it last during the school year. And the worst part is that you know that it will most likely end; right from the start too.
      Also, you need a significant other to even play with the idea of love. And I currently don’t like anyone really. Unless I come to like someone relatively soon, love just isn’t on my track. For all I know though, it very well could be. It’s not something I tend to think about much though since my attention is usually elsewhere.