The Fit – Haiku


Here’s a pair of boots,

That I expect you’ll fit in.

Now walk the same path.




They’re different, you see?

Complete opposites to me.

I want something from both.

It’d go against my oath,

And maybe I went into this from the wrong angle.

Maybe the first is too far into a mangle.

So that leaves the second of the two.

Do I leave the first, for something entirely new?

Or do I keep to the system.

Play with the present.

Move on when the curtains go down.

There won’t be any applause at the end of that road.

Maybe it’s time to unload.

Left From My Right


I sprinted from my mission.
I was afraid of what submission,
Would mean for me;
Whether I’d be free.
But am I free if I’m lost?
Then again that idea never crossed,
My mind,
My spirit.

I didn’t know I was lost.
Someone had to tell me.
I couldn’t tell my left hand from my right.
Someone had to show me.

So I have to race back to my mission.
I have to move from my contrition.
It’s holding us back,
And it blurs our track.

Dreaming of Ripples


I had a really dream the other day.
It was one of those dreams that make you question yourself come morning.
Things had drifted in such an unexpected way,
And it was all without warning.

I kept to my path,
While he meddled in my wrath.
Drove me mad,
Felt rather sad.
I was the good one in this dream.
I was the silent one on the opposite team.

When I awoke I felt a ripple,
Not a wave.
Woke up in darkness,
Appearing as a cave.

I knew I was awake,
And that it was a dream.
No reason to forsake,
What it is we seemed to gleam.
What that is,
I honestly can’t say.
But a dream is a dream,
That waits for us by the end of the day.

Attractive Options


I’m on the wrong side of the road,
But I like the perspective from here.
Thoughts easily flowed,
And I think I like what I hear.

There’s another attractive option from my right,
And it might be something I’d go for.
I’d like to say that it’s upright,
But I know it’s against what I swore.

Coming Together


The pond is calling,
And it’s asking me why I turned my back.
It reflects on my path and on my falling,
And it looks away when the blow turned into a smack.

Two worlds diverged;
I chose the lesser of the two.
Though, in tact, I emerged,
I had to draw the line at you.

Had I gone to the pond,
None of this would have spawned.
Had I gone with my gut,
This tie would have inevitably been cut.

So it’s all coming together,
Yet it’s still all up in the air.
I’ll wait for better weather;
Clearer skies.
And try to be wise.
I’ll  divert another collision.
From this fall, I will rise.