Reflection of Three Years of Writing


There’s a certain type of gratitude and joy that comes from rummaging through loose-leaf papers, possibly stained with coffee among other things, each pertaining to a different moment in time. Each would likewise carry and illustrate past states of mind. And each would appear to be a layout to my developing train of thought, as well as ideals. Like a maze, many would seemingly get lost along the way or jump in within the middle of a high-tide. Creating this archive of my past works is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Though part of the nostalgia and excitement is lost from making a random and unexpected discovery of a long-lost treasure, it better allows me to see where I was two years ago in comparison to now. The fact that others have been actively interested in my work is just a humble bonus. I love writing. It helps me see a side of me I might ordinarily quell under busywork and disregard. Surely there are more understandings to be made. Thanks for joining the wave. – Sincerely, an open ocean


United States 1606
United Kingdom 75
India 66
Philippines 32
Canada 23
Australia 15
Kenya 9
Panama 9
Singapore 6
Brazil 6
Nigeria 5
Honduras 4
Serbia 4
United Arab Emirates 3
Ukraine 3
Netherlands 2
Indonesia 2
South Africa 2
Argentina 1
Hong Kong SAR China 1
Belgium 1
Malaysia 1
Mauritius 1
New Zealand 1
Germany 1
Kuwait 1
Israel 1
Turkey 1
Bulgaria 1
Jamaica 1
Mexico 1
Italy 1
Thailand 1
Spain 1
South Korea 1
Ghana 1
Zimbabwe 1
United Arab Emirates 1
Total 1892


HH Journal 7 – Chasing Boulders


Topic: Do you ever go after something you shouldn’t have?

I call it chasing boulders, and I certainly have. It’s when you’re running after something because you want it so bad or because you feel as though you have to. ¬†All the while, you’re running after something possibly bigger than you, smarter than you, faster than you, better than you, etc etc. Whatever your boulder is, you seem to come to the conclusion that you can actually reach this boulder, stop it, and therein grasp it.

For starters, this is a boulder we’re talking about. It’s massive and strong. It is terrifying to behold too. Secondly, it carries more force than you, and it gains so much momentum going downhill. How you can ever so much as reach it is beyond reason. Thirdly, it’s going downhill for a reason. Some things are meant to escape or leave your realm. Finally, if you were somehow able to reach it and grab it, how would you grasp it in your hands? And what would you do with it once you have it?

Those are surely big questions. Maybe even painful questions.

I’ve done my fair share of chasing boulders. I might be chasing my own boulder of sorts right now. The only thing worse than chasing a boulder is having a boulder chase you. That is when you really take in the weight this boulder carries.

HH Journal 3 – To Save the World


Topic: free-flowing.
I don’t want to save the world, I want the world to save me. Chances are though, we all need a little bit of saving.
Some nations need saving from the demise of a political entity. Other landscapes need saving from degradation, among other things. Species need saving. Ideals need saving. The question as to who should be doing the saving, and why we need a savior to begin with, comes to mind.
Now, I’m not talking about a religious savior, and I’m not talking about a surge in beliefs. I’m talking about hands-on rescuing from an otherwise likely demise.
Things come and things go. I don’t want to save the world because it’s a feat too impossible for me to confront. It is also a task that I’m not knowledgeable to undertake. No one truly is.
I want to save threatened and endangered animals, and I want to save a justice system. I want to save myself along the way, as I want to save the world for future generations.
There’s so much saving that needs to happen, and I feel like we all tend to look at a handful of certain tasks to focus on. I don’t think it’s wrong. I just wish the world didn’t need this saving to begin with.
That’s such a loaded thing to want. And to be honest, I don’t know how such a world would look like.
I want to help save this world with my time and my energy and my concepts, but I know that I’ll need much more than myself to do that. Ignorance to one’s limits can be a dreadful thing. Empower yourself and know that earth can only be pushed so far, and that it will require a cooperative effort to make necessary changes worldwide.

Journal – Tiffani


Topic: When does love stop being love? When does it turn into obsession?

–Every week, I will ask a friend or two for journal topics, and I will then answer them. The first of these is from Tiffani.

I’m not sure I can say when love stops being love. I haven’t been in love, so I feel as though I am not at liberty to say. I would imagine though that love stops being love when it isn’t fueled by feelings of acceptance and joy and understanding. When it is more so lust and romanticization, then it isn’t love. If it was always like that, then it was never love.

As for when love becomes obsessive, we would have to agree on a definition of obsession. My definition, for this journal, would be that obsession is when one is entirely fixated both mentally and physically on a person to a degree in which it is both unhealthy and destructive. We tend to throw this word around, but it isn’t something to take so lightly.

Love isn’t always obsessive either; it’s not a stage every relationship goes through. I think love can turn obsessive though. I think someone can be so taken by another person that they act and think irrationally or even harmfully. Maybe they feel as though it is necessary to display their love, or maybe they feel threatened by other people. There are many reasons, but I can’t go through them all. I just know that love, in an obsessive state, can turn a beautiful thing into something wholesomely terrifying.