Inspired Journal


I called it quits with daily journals awhile back ago. But my friend Ruben reminded me how important such journals are. I knew that people read them, but I didn’t think anyone was truly inspired by them. It’s not that I believed my writing was horrid or anything. I just didn’t think they carried much significance past my own little realm. So, with much thought, I figured I’d start writing journals again. I won’t number them because there might be days where I don’t write any. I hope to gain something that I had lost somewhere along the way. But in the mean time, I hope I inspire some of you.

Topic: Why do you write?
I write because it makes me happy; it brings me clarity. There is a peace of mind that comes from writing as well. I can write and essay and feel as though my thoughts are focused. I can scribble a poem and feel as though my mind has met something entirely abstract but nonetheless exciting. Writing is a way of being for me. To write is to breathe, and to breathe is to be able to write. I love to write screenplays if an idea comes to mind, and I like to write poems whenever inspiration strikes. Sometimes I have to force myself to wrire, but sometimes I have to force myself to stop. Today is one of those days.


The Thing About Writing a Screenplay


     Action, heading, character, dialogue. Interior or exterior, location, and objects used. These things hardy bother me when I’m trying to write a screenplay. What really truly bothers me is trying to make my new idea into something feasible. My last screenplay required a fake car accident and a huge mural. And I mean huge.

     Deep down in my bones, I know that screenplay would have been amazing. I can feel it But I have to take reality into account, and that breaks apart a solid amount of my screenplay ideas.

    But writing screenplays is my thing; I can sit down any day with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other, and simply write down screenplay ideas. Romance, thriller, non-fiction? You got it; I’m you’re girl. And Olivia is the one who is great with bouncing ideas around with. Pedro was pretty cinematic as well. He knew how to set up a good image, and how to get the right angles.

    And then there’s editing. I loathe editing if it requires a lot of audio. That’s practically every video though. I was hoping this summer would be the summer of making videos, but maybe it won’t be. I need to shell out some easy-to-film screenplays and fast. I just need a burst of inspiration.