Nail it Down


If it hurts going down,

I must attest you don’t repress.

We’ve got ashes to hide,

White lies for the less-than-wise.

I’ll watch my tongue,

Eye the trail.

Clear my lungs,

And pass the condemning nails.

Make sure you seal up my coffin real tight,

Because I might want a second wind at a fight.


“The Truth is Out There”


I’ll believe in my gut,

Put my faith in one person.

I’ll say that we should trust no one,

But its easier said than done.


I’ve been chasing the truth;

Afraid I’m aloof.

Don’t stop my crusade,

The lies will cascade.

Left From My Right


I sprinted from my mission.
I was afraid of what submission,
Would mean for me;
Whether I’d be free.
But am I free if I’m lost?
Then again that idea never crossed,
My mind,
My spirit.

I didn’t know I was lost.
Someone had to tell me.
I couldn’t tell my left hand from my right.
Someone had to show me.

So I have to race back to my mission.
I have to move from my contrition.
It’s holding us back,
And it blurs our track.



I met this guy a few weeks ago.

He was so perceptive and kind.

I didn’t know him then,

And it’s a perplexing matter with men.

Never had I met someone so interesting and outgoing.

He painted my future and aspirations;

He knew where I stood before I learned how to walk.

I think people like that change people like me.

They see a world of opportunities that I can’t seem to see.

It was a chance encounter,

That I remember so clearly,

Because I held onto his words so dearly.

It hit my like a hurricane;

Hit me like a storm.

And now I’m faced with a new set of norms.

I won’t hang onto the person,

Or idealize the setting.

I’ll cling to what was said,

Because I was hungry,

And now I am fed.

Why We Do What We Do


Topic: Why do we do the things we do?

I don’t think I have the authority or thorough understanding to speak for all peopleĀ of all cultures of all lands. But I can speak for myself.

I do what I do because it feels right. Maybe morally right, maybe sensationally or heart-fully right. There can even be the logical rightness. I never go out into the world thinking: ‘today I’ll do whatever feels wrong.’ Uncomfortable? Maybe, if it what I know is right or sensible.

I do what I do in school because I feel as though I should. I feel like I should try to get straight As, and as though I should follow down a path that will hopefully lead to success or happiness because that is what my individualistic culture taught me to strive for.

I do what I do with friends because it feels right to have fun and joke around and so on. I don’t do some outrageous shenanigans because I wouldn’t feel right doing them. I’m not perfect either, but then again who is? That’s not a phrase to live by though. You shouldn’t justify your behaviors or attitudes by saying that at least someone has done something far worse. You should be who you would feel happy to be. Although, I believe we all have thatĀ gap between our idealized self and our real self. But that is getting to psychology-based.

I do what I do when it comes to certain people because it feels right. It might not always feel right, or maybe that rightness ranges in degree. What is right at one point may not be right at another point. History tells us that though. We just have to be open to learning that truth.

So I do what I do because I feel like it is right. On the linear scale of rightness, it can definitely range. The day I start doing what’s wrong for the sake of another’s satisfaction is the day I’ll have to question my reasonings.

I Want To Learn


“Hey, if I’m not winning, I’m learning.”
We all want to win,
And we all need to learn.
Sometimes our egos will bring us down,
And way us down.
But it’s one of our path’s many turns.

So when I’m not winning,
I’m not losing either.
I’m reaching a new beginning;
A new platform to stand on.
I’m ready to learn,
As I am ready to yearn.

Give me wisdom and axioms and knowledge.
Give me everything I can’t learn in college.

So let me lose if losing is what you call it.
Don’t let me win if that’s where we call it quits.

Last Night


This night is our last,
And we should go out with a blast,
But we’re out of bullets, you see,
So it all comes down to me.

I heard the cock,
And felt the power.
Empty, this glock,
Fell down from our tower.

The night is still young,
But I’m calling it quits.
This tune has been outrageously sung,
It’s driving me out of my wits.