I’d like to jump in,

To test the waters and see,

If I can then swim.




I gave you my water and my streams,

And you put it into plastic.

You had your own drives and dreams;

I didn’t think you’d be so drastic.

Profit makes a man.

Profit breaks a man.

I ran downhill,

Trying to outrun this greed,

But you wanted me to bleed.

So now I’m running dry,

And now you can see red.

I’m choking on your green,

And I wish I had fled.

Faster and faster,

Faster than my currents will allow.

A resource recently mastered,

Don’t think my rights were by God, endowed.

Dreaming of Ripples


I had a really dream the other day.
It was one of those dreams that make you question yourself come morning.
Things had drifted in such an unexpected way,
And it was all without warning.

I kept to my path,
While he meddled in my wrath.
Drove me mad,
Felt rather sad.
I was the good one in this dream.
I was the silent one on the opposite team.

When I awoke I felt a ripple,
Not a wave.
Woke up in darkness,
Appearing as a cave.

I knew I was awake,
And that it was a dream.
No reason to forsake,
What it is we seemed to gleam.
What that is,
I honestly can’t say.
But a dream is a dream,
That waits for us by the end of the day.